How It Works


Search for your preferred club set near your hotel or golf course.


Submit booking request to clubs owner.


Owner delivers' clubs to your hotel or golf course.


Drop clubs back at hotel or golf course for pickup.

Benefits to Players

Find your favorite clubs anywhere you go - brand, make and model

Enjoy light and convenient travels for golf trips

Avoid increased carriage costs associated with shipping golf bags

Avoid the risk of losing or damaging your golf clubs while in transit

Enjoy a wide variety of the best golf clubs anywhere in the world

Enjoy fair, convenient prices and test drive any clubs anytime

Benefits to Owners

Your clubs could pay for your next green fees

Rent your clubs and use the money to buy that gap wedge you are missing

Rental shops and golf course can gain access to an expanded market for club rentals

Stop spending money on ads – let golfstiks do the work for you

Increase the revenue stream of your golf club rental services

Own Golf Clubs ?

Don’t let them collect dust in your garage! Put them to use!

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