About Golfstiks

Golfstiks was born out of a pressing need: golfers need their favorite clubs when they are traveling. And we all know how complicated carrying them in planes can be. So Golfstiks, the world’s first and only on-demand platform for golfers came into existence.

Our Mission

We aim to connect passionate golfers with club owners and club rental shops or golf courses and facilitate a better golf travel experience for everyone.

Players get to have their favorite clubs wherever they go, eliminate troubles and cost of shipping clubs, while owners get to earn extra money to help in golfing expenses.

Our Values

  • Fairness – we support fair pricing for all the club sets listed on this platform.
  • Responsibility – we do our best to ensure that players take responsibility for keeping the clubs in good condition and that owners meet their obligations.
  • Revolutionary thinking – we aim to offer a seamless experience and a flawless service for both owners and players.
  • Community support – we support the golfing community and aim to make it a better place for new and old members alike.