Golf is a game that depends on character, respect, honesty and integrity and we would like to extend those values to this marketplace.

This is a crowdsourcing marketplace platform which connects owners and players by offering golf clubs for rental.
We encourage accurate and honest information regarding posted golf clubs.
We encourage honest reviews and ratings of the service and equipment. Users are encouraged to post a review after every service is delivered to help other customers to make better decisions.
The following actions can be taken in order to protect the community:

  • Owners with low ratings and multiple late deliveries or no-shows will be suspended or removed from the marketplace
  • Owners with multiple cancellations and complaints will be suspended or removed from the marketplace.
  • Players with low ratings will be suspended or removed from the marketplace.
  • Players with multiple loss or damage reports will be suspended or removed from the marketplace.

Thus, we urge players to take responsibility of the rented equipment as if it were their own.
We always encourage communication between players and owners to promote a better service delivery and relationship.
We take our responsibility towards the community seriously, so we have taken the following measures:

To protect Owners:

  • Every player has a credit card on file. In case of loss or damage, players are responsible to pay the cost of loss or damage.
  • In case we are unable to charge players credit card, Golfstiks will do all it can to make sure owners are compensated for their loss or damages.

To protect players:

  • Credit cards are charged for rental only after owners have accepted the booking request
  • Owners are paid only after the service has been delivered
  • If no delivery is made, players will receive a 100% refund


What is a player?

A player is anyone who wants to rent golf clubs from the market place.

Who can be a player?

Anyone can be a player

Can a player post their own clubs?

Yes, you can be both a player and an owner – post your clubs to make extra cash that you can use on renting others when on the road.

What do I need to know before becoming a player?

The Golfstiks community is based on mutual trust between owners, players and the marketplace. Anyone can be a player as long as they treat the other members of the community with respect.

What’s requirement to be a player?

When you signup to be a player, you need a valid credit card. This is required to process payments for the clubs you rent and other fees.

How do I search, book and get clubs?

After signing in to your account, go to search page and type in your location. The system will return a list of clubs near your prefered delivery location. They will be sorted according to the distance from your course or hotel to the owner’s address. You can select your favorite set and request a booking. The owner of the clubs has to confirm (accept or deny your booking) within 12 hours.

How do I return the clubs?

You can leave the clubs with your hotel or golf course concierge or discuss another drop-off location with the owner. You may leave owners details with the hotel concierge or golf course representative.

How do I contact the owner?

As soon as you submit your booking request you will be able to contact the owner via messaging within the app.

What are my responsibilities?

As a player, you are responsible to carefully read the description of the clubs before renting them. You also need to notify your hotel or golf course about the clubs that will arrive in your name and be sure to return them in the same condition.


Who is an owner?

An owner is an individual or a company who owns golf clubs and posts them in the marketplace.

Who can be an owner?

Anyone who owns golf clubs in good condition and wants to post them in the marketplace and generate additional income can become an owner.

Can an owner also be a player?

Yes! You can be both an owner and a player. You can use additional funds to rent the golf clubs you want or use the money you earned from lending your own.

What do I need to know?

Before you deliver the clubs to the player’s golf course or hotel, make sure you tag them with customers' name, your name and contact information – this makes it easier for the player to contact you to return them and helps to avoid misplaced club sets.

What are the requirements to be an owner?

You must have a US bank account (where we will deliver your payment) and golf clubs in good condition to post in the marketplace.

How and where do I deliver the clubs?

You can agree with you customer upon the delivery location, but it’s typically their golf course or hotel.

How do I communicate with the player?

You can use the in-app messaging feature to communicate with the player via email and text. You may exchange phone numbers if you wish but Golfstiks will not disclose or share anyones contact information

How do I get my clubs back?

You can pickup your clubs back from the hotel or golf course. You can also agree with the player upon a different pick-up location.

How do I get paid?

After the booking request is completed and fulfilled (player returned clubs), the money will be transferred to the bank account you registered with.

When do I get paid?

You will receive your payment 3-5 days after service delivery.

What are my responsibilities?

As an owner, you must provide accurate and detailed information about your clubs. You must resond to booking requests within 12 hours of origination. You must deliver the clubs to the player at least 4-6 hours before tee time. You must pick up the clubs from their hotel of golf course 12 hours after receiving the “returned” message from the player.

What’s my protection?

For your protection, Golfstiks keeps the players’ credit card on file to be charged in case of loss or damage.